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About our company
Alex Polin Executive Search is an executive search firm providing human capital solutions to global & local companies. We focus on executive level positions, enabling our consultants to concentrate solely on the universe of senior executives and deliver the best solutions for our clients' leadership requirements.

Alex Polin Executive Search was founded in 2006 by Mr. Alexander Polyanchuk, who has more than 16 years of experience in executive search.
After his extensive studies, Mr Polyanchuk worked in London, U.K., in companies such as Marcus Evans and EF International where he held various leading roles in organizing large conferences and events in CIS and Europe. This experience was invaluable in the creation and success of the Alex Polin HR Summit, the specialized event for HR professionals, organized annually by Alex Polin Executive Search company.
Efficiency • Partnership • Professionalism
Inspiration • Positive attitude • Team spirit Innovative approach
Our vision is to become the employers' preferred Executive Search Agency of choice based on the extent and quality of our service. We also endeavor to be the preferred platform for senior executives to discover and pursue exciting careers with their ideal organizations.
By creating effective management teams, we help organizations, our clients to become more successful and achieve their greatest goals and tasks.
For our candidates we provide new opportunities for further development and realization of their professional skills, experience and potential.
For our employees we create a unique atmosphere of mutual cooperation, support and realization of their personal and professional potential.
Social responsibility
We treat society with respect and gratitude. We love our country, and strive to do everything possible for our country to prosper and for all our citizens to become wealthier.
We believe that serving society should be done individually such as when a person invests his personal energy, effort and time into charitable projects. We strive to use all opportunities to be helpful to the society we live in.

Why choose us?
We are a boutique company, which allows us to stay flexible, to work quickly and efficiently. Key aspects of our work - the urgency and result orientation.
We like what we do. All our professionals have more than 10 years of recruitment experience. We work according to the principle of individual approach to every client following our WIN-WIN principle.
We have deep network to find talents fast and our reputation gives us possibility to work with the best professionals. We cover active and passive talent market. We can rise the overall quality level of every new hire.

How we do Executive Search:

Step 1. Identifying the Position
Our first step is to obtain a detailed understanding of our client's organization and knowledge. We develop an understanding of their current organizational priorities and business climate. We work closely with our client to create a profile of their ideal senior executive, which includes a detailed position description and an analysis of the personal characteristics and attributes necessary for the individual to be successful in the client's corporate environment.

Step 2. Researching and Sourcing
Once the position requirements are agreed upon, we begin the search process by identifying the appropriate industries and functions in which we expect to locate candidates with the skills and experience to match the position requirements. The search methods we use include our consultant's professional networks and relationships, direct search, and database search, our systematic research where we constantly monitor career moves of senior executives. Suitable candidates are contacted and assessed for overall appropriateness and adequacy.

Step 3. Approaching Candidates
The consultants working on the assignment are very well prepared to present the position in an appropriate way, explaining the details of the position and commenting on the cultural aspects of the client organisation. Our consultants are multilingual and come to us with experience in such searches, and often with experience in the industry that they will work.

Step 4. Prospect Interviewing
Appropriate candidates are interviewed for suitability to match all the requirements of the client.When interviewing candidates, our consultants avoid long interviews that simply retrace a person's achievements. Instead, consultants focus on specific questions, following our competency-based interviewing.

Step 5. Short list Provision
Once we have identified a short list of the top 3 to 5 candidates, we provide our client with a candidate brief on each prospect. Each candidate we present is motivated to move to the client company and is fully capable of carrying out the position responsibilities in a superior manner. We recommend our client meet up with all chosen candidates.

Step 6. Final Negotiation and Offer for the Finalist
After a final candidate has been selected, we are available to assist in negotiations and the final offer. We facilitate this sensitive negotiation process. We speak with our client and the candidate to ensure the transition process goes smoothly and that our client is satisfied with the new employee.

Step 7. Follow-up
After the successful candidate has started the new job, we continue monitoring his progress and take feedback from our client on the acclimatization of the new employee. We ensure the candidate's successful integration into the client company. We follow up with the candidate and client at regular intervals to check on performance and suitability.
We value partnership as a recipe for success . We're with you when you need to make complex decisions. Putting your strategic plans into practice through talent management.
We are delivering quality and value to our clients. We unconditionally guarantee the employment of the new employee. Should the employee terminate for any reason, during this period we will conduct a search for a suitable replacement at no additional fee.
We divide our expertise into functional and industrial. Experts have the opportunity to accumulate knowledge and experience in their particular area of specialisation, as well as to carry out clients' projects quickly and efficiently due to a deep understanding of the particular business area and the specific position.
Our expertise
We are constantly developing and expanding the areas of our professional expertise
By Industry
Metals & Mining
Oil & Gas
FMCG & Retail
Agricultural Sector
Banking & Finance etc.
By Function
CEOs Services
Financial Officers
Human Resources
Legal Affairs
Marketing & Sales
Corporate Communications
Information Technology etc.
Alex polin HR summit
Experience to share. Trends to follow. Place to growth.
About Alex Polin HR Summit
Nataliia Zhakina, HR Summit Project Director
Alex Polin HR Summit is ranked as one of the best HR events in CIS region. The purpose of the event is to bring HR professionals from Ukraine, Russia, Europe and other regions together, and provide great platform for participants to share they experience, to gain information about last international HR trends, participate in case analyse and meet outstanding speakers from over the world.

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